Electrical Engineering

Sales And Supply
/ Selection And Prescription

We offer retail sales and supply of genuine products and equipment in Low and Medium Voltage, Renewable Energy, Industrial Control and Automation. Our technical consultants have the right experience to help make the right prescription and product choice for your peculiar technical requirements. With access to over one thousand product references from world brands, you are sure you have the right team.

Design And Construction

Design and construction of integrated electrical systems that meet local electrical codes and standards. For Electrical system design, integration, Panel Building (up to 4000A)***, Package substations, Motor control centres, lighting kiosks etc., you have a professional partner with expertise and capacity.

Project Management
/ Installation And Services

Support services are extremely important for the optimisation of the overall project; as such we offer support services such as Delivery, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and overall Project Management. With a strong level of collaboration, we can together achieve more.


Education and capacity development are essential to the development of project teams. As such, we undertake Product, Equipment and Engineering Trainings for technical and commercial teams on Product Selection, Equipment Operation, Maintenance and project optimisation.